Frequently Asked Questions

As we receive more questions we expand our FAQ library in hopes that you can find all the answers here.

How does HPS compare to other similar services?

Great question, just take a look at our fancy chart below.

High PR Society
Build My Rank
Unique Article Wizard
High PR sites 4,000 Hundreds NO NO
Home Page links YES (blogroll) NO NO NO
Article/Post links YES YES YES YES
Article/Post comments YES NO NO NO
4,000 domain private network YES NO NO NO
No minimum article/post length YES NO NO NO
No difficult article/post approval process YES NO NO NO
Starting at $10/month
50 links/day

What types of sites are the links placed on?

All links are placed on our private blog network of sites. Like similar services, generally these URLs are for old, well established domains which we obtained. While these sites have categories for the articles/posts, generally speaking they don’t look like a super high quality site. However, all of the sites have all made it through multiple Google PR updates and have maintained their page rank. We use a couple of special techniques to maintain the page rank, so you get all of the benefits of a great link on a great site.

If I cancel, do all my links remain live?

All of your articles and all of your comments will stay alive after you cancel. Any home page links or contextual links will be taken down once your account runs out of credits.

Will these links sandbox my site?

As long as you don’t build 1000 links/day directly to your money site you should be safe. We’ve not had a single case of sandboxing a site when only using these links. High value links are very different than more spammy links like forum profiles and blog comments, and you can get by with much fewer links. With lower link volume comes more safety for your money site.

Do you allow duplicate content, spun content, or garbage text?

There is no editorial approval or several day waiting periods for your articles.

You alone are responsible for your content, so if you want to use garbage copy you can. In fact, for all of the case studies we showed on the home page, we had poor quality content. We suggest you run your articles through a spinner to assure uniqueness of the article. This helps future proof your link value with upcoming Google algorithm changes.

We do require that all articles and comments have a minimum level of spinning that can be easily done by hand or with a tool such as The Best Spinner.

Do you allow adult/pharma/gambling?

YES! Just be sure to classify it into the correct category so it keeps everything relevant and in the same "neighborhood". Note that we don’t allow illegal things like child porn or anything else that is objectionable. We reserve the right to make final judgment for any questionable items so if you have a question please contact us before posting it.

How big is your network?

We have over 4,000 PR sites and add them to the network as needed/warranted. We will flat out never oversell our network or run out of quality sites. No more "exclusive" networks that are only 100 sites with 500 members and spammed to death so your links are worthless.

How many IPs are used for the network?

We are “SEO Hosted” to maximize the impacts of every link you build.

What happens when PR changes?

It is our job to monitor and maintain page rank for all of the sites in the network. Should the PR decrease on one of the sites we will immediately move any home page links you have to a blog of appropriate page rank or you will be rebilled at the sites proper value. Should the PR go up, you’ll not be charged more.

How many links are on each page?

We will place a maximum of 15 "homepage links" and 2 "contextual links" on each page. There will be a varying amount of articles that rotate through the home page, depending on the blog and theme. It’ll typically be around 10 posts.

Can I see the sites in the network?

We don’t share the exact identity of the sites in the network. This is done to protect the current members and the web sites themselves.

Do I get a list of URLs that my links appear on?

No, you don't. While we used to offer this feature in the past, we have taken down this feature. Other networks were getting shut down due to sites being reported and we don't want that to happen.

How does the payment process work and what exactly are credits?

To use the site you need to set up a credit subscription. This subscription fills your account with the necessary credits to buy/rent all of your links. Home page and blogroll links incur a monthly cost while articles and comments are a one time credit expense.

Right now we accept Paypal and credit cards.

Do you allow foreign language articles/home page links?

We do allow foreign language keywords as long as they use the standard "English" spellings for those words. We do not allow articles in a non-English language. Articles and projects that violate this will be deleted immediately. If you have questions, please ask before posting.

What is the index rate of the articles?

We've done one indexing check since we launched and saw an indexing rate of 90% across the network. This number counted all of the articles on the sites, including ones that had gone live that day. So obviously it's very high.

That said, we don't feel indexing is a valuable metric and don't plan on watching it. Those of you familiar with Linklicious know, awareness/crawling is the key for ranking, not indexing. The indexing number will almost certainly go down over time and that's totally fine.

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