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Please, don’t take our word for how quickly and reliably our links can push your site to the top. Just listen...

"This service is really good.

I have bought a bunch of home page backlinks along with articles and I now have two links on the first page of google instead of just one.


-BHW, manny521

"I was amazed! I used homepage links. My rank jumped from #7 to #4.

I was able to get past a major authority site on SERPs for a medium to hard keyword.

In my opinion they need to rename the home page link feature to a site wide link feature. These links show up in the individual posts as well as on the home page. This means if someone builds up their articles they submit that your link is also getting built up. They are better than homepage links.

As for the article submission, I love it. The interface is easy to use and you get the links to your articles.

If you are on a budget, then HPRS is for you. You won't get better bang for your buck doing anything else. If you have money to spend, then HPRS is for you, your cash will go a long way. When you submit your articles you get a lot of really nice quality links for way cheap.

Part of me would like to say don't use HPRS. Only so I can keep them all to myself. But I'm not doing that. Because that would be a major injustice to HKSEO Rotzee and to you guys that have helped me so much. I highly recommend this service."

-BHW, Greeneye

"I had my first six articles published on the High PR Society website (1 on a PR4, 4 on a PR3, and 1 on a PR2).


  1. Pay as you go
  2. For my specific requirements, it's more cost effective than BMR
  3. You can choose from websites for Business and Investing, Home and Family, Internet and Technology, etc
  4. Give you links to the websites the articles are published on
  5. You can supple aricles in spintax format, and control the rate at which they are published"

-BHW, tyrian601

"I haven't used any of the other services provided by HKSEO so I was honestly a bit skeptical about trying out High Pr Society, but given that I could spend as little as 10$ to give it a try I did just that.

Suffice to say I was pleasantly surprised by the service and have been using it as one of the main parts of my daily linkbuilding tasks.

I really like the fact that it's so hands free personally. For me that's the biggest plus, not to mention the fact that the service does one thing that no other blog network does - provide full reports of where your article was placed so you can feel free to do what you wish with the urls in terms of indexing/boosting them or using them for linkwheels."

-BHW, Gary Becks

"GREAT service...I was looking for a service like this, but the current ones were far too expensive..."

-BHW, Corrupt

"You get 1 PR4 link for as long as you pay for it. I have been using BMR for a month+, it works but not the way a BHW descendant would like. At the end of this month, will def join HPS... its got the whole shebang. You choose your destiny.... :|: its time to get 'more' money."

-BHW, finerpleasures

"I've been using HPS for about 2 weeks now, and have bought just 6 homepage links. I targeted a 1-word keyword with a competition of 11,700,000.

Here's how it went:

Keyword Domination Chart

So yeah, I would recommend HPS for homepage links."

-BHW, TheMatrix

"I have been using HPR for about 3 weeks and acheived great results for different sites for myself and also SEO clients of mine. One keyword was at 9 in Google UK for months until I started using just the comments from HPR. I submitted 50 comments a day for 10 days and that keyword is now at No2.

The second client is also UK based and I used the articles service only for this. The article is well written and copyscape checked then well spun using TBS and then submitted to HPR to post 20 articles a day for 20 days. After 11 days of processing I have moved the keyword phrase from 9th to 1st.

I have several other campaigns running for various clients and am...

...Now a big fan of this service."

-BHW, pearlydean

"I started using highprsociety two weeks or so ago and based on the results I am seeing, I will keep using it.

I bought some credits and posted some articles, few comments and also bought 7 homepage links. A medium competitive keyword has jumped from nowhere to the first page for one keyword and to the second page for another and it keeps going up so I should recoup my money fast.

The platform is easy to learn and the fact that you can download and use your links to further empower them (build links on links) or get them indexed fast is really helpful for hard keywords.

There are three things that I like the most:

1) First is the homepage links which are esssentially very good blogrolls from High PR blogs relevant to your niche blogs (the network is categorised into niches and you can pick where you want your links to appear).

2) Secondly, no subscriptions and no flat pricing that is unfair for people that are not promoting a lot of websites at the same time. You load credits, you buy links and if you like it you buy more. Fair and straightforward.

3) Thirdly, both of the owners are active on BHW and keep listening to our feedback so High PR Society seems to have potential."

-BHW, bakxos

"I've been using HPS for almost 3 weeks... I've had a very good experience.

In fact, they are now part of my overall SEO strategy.

I've tested them out on about 10 properties, mostly websites and a few videos. I've gotten good results with their blog commenting and excellent results with their homepage links. My keywords were generally medium in difficulty... the most impressive results were in a pretty profitable, competitive niche where the page went from #13 to #7 in about 10 days.

Its easy to use, and pretty inexpensive to me (although "inexpensive" is different for everyone)... I'm getting good results and good ROI... I'm quite happy.

If you're looking for a network, I'd give it a try... you can test things out without spending much money at all."

-BHW, MagicMike

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